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Where it all began

For the Love of Bulgaria

An idea conjured up through a collaboration between an English lady, passionate about Bulgaria and a Bulgarian visionary.

Dr Barbara Page-Roberts

Working and living in Bulgaria since 1984, Barbara has a passion for everything Bulgarian. “Bulgaria is blessed with spectacular nature, where berries, and fruits, and herbs, and nuts, and vegetables, and all manner of crops grow in abundance. I have been making Sloe Gin on and off for most of my adult life, first in England and then in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is often showcased in a negative way, but as my adopted home I have the passion to promote Bulgaria properly in a positive way.”

Ivan Krachunov

Owner and Managing Director of Agrotime – “All my life, me and my father and my grandfather before me, we have all sought to add value to the cornucopia of natural fruits and plants that nature has bestowed on us.

Our mission is quality, which we have demonstrated time and again with our cherry production, and our wheat…. And now we have a new opportunity that, in the case of the drenki product, is unique and will be quintessentially Bulgarian to showcase our country to the world!”

The Business Plan

Well actually there wasn’t one, we started producing Sloe and Cornel infused Gin for fun.

We soon realised that it was actually very good, so we started to make it on a commercial scale.

Fast forward to today and we DO have a business plan. We have created 5 fruit infused Gins and one London dry Gin.

We only make small batches at a time so we can control taste, smell and colour balance. All from the amazing Bulgarian nature.

Promoting the best of Bulgaria to the rest of the world.


Cornel fruit grown in our own orchards

Sloe blossom grown wild in the hedgerows around our wheat fields

We use only natural locally sourced ingredients for our products.



The awards keep coming!


A FIRST FOR BULGARIA and a fantastic achievement for RUSTIC RESERVE!

We have been awarded BRONZE for our Craft 19 Gin, in the category of London Dry Gin, by the world renowned IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition, which took place via a blind tasting by experts in London – the capital of Craft Gin in the World!
Proving once again that our selection of 19 Bulgarian Botanicals makes for a World Class Gin. Find out more about our award here

Cocktails and Recipes

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