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Датата е петък 19.04.2019 г. от 18,00 ч. (2)

BBBA Birthday Party


Newest member Rustic Reserve (part-owned and managed by one of the oldest members, Barbara Page-Roberts) congratulates BBBA on its four years anniversary, celebrated in style last Thursday at Sofia-City Stage. We greatly enjoyed meeting new and old friends at our cocktail and G&T bar, where we served our brand-new Bulgarian Craft 19 Gin – a London Dry Gin distilled exclusively for Rustic Reserve in UK, using 19 Bulgarian Botanicals – as well as great gin liqueur cocktails from our Brand Ambassador Nikki Vesselinov.


Launch Party

Sofia, 04.07.2018. Rustic Reserve Liqueurs was launched at a secret cocktail competition event where sixteen of the top bartenders in Sofia demonstrated their creativity and style preparing original summer cocktails with the products of the brand.

The competition was carried out over two consecutive days. The first day everyone was required to prepare a classic mix using the Rustic Reserve gin liqueurs, and a jury consisting of Nikolay Veselinov, Brand Ambassador of Rustic Reserve, Dragomir Ivanov, Bar Manager of Public Bar and Yordan Ivanov, Manager of The Residence Club, appointed five finalists. The five finalists had the chance to get acquainted with Rustic Reserve Liqueurs for 24 hours and come up with their own cocktail mix, inspired by the liqueur. The jury of the finals, in which participated Nikolay Veselinov, Dragomir Ivanov and Borislav Banev nominated Vato Milchev, Chief Bartender of Dsquared2 Bar, as the winner. He impressed the jury with an original mix of only Bulgarian products one of which was Bulgarian yogurt. Here's the winner's secret for the perfect cocktail: to have balance, to be delicious, to have good presentation, colour and appearance.

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